1. Where can we se the furniture you design for infants’ bedrooms? The furniture can be seen in our factory store. 2. From what materials is the furniture made of? All the furniture is made out of solid wood. Campaniola’s target is to make the furniture from natural and safe materials for the infant. 3.  Is it possible to order the furniture in unique sizes? Of course – Campaniola enables all her costumers to decide the sizes of the closets and dressers by their demands and needs. Everything is custom-made. 4.  Can I make changes in the baby’s crib? No. The baby’s crib is an item that received a standard from the Israeli Standards Institution. We can’t in any way make changes, because it might damage the baby’s safety. 5.  Can you advice us how to design the nursery? Designing nurseries is our specialty, and we have done it for the past 15 years as market leaders and role models. The designing of the room is given to our costumers by the Campaniola designers, as a service that is free of charge. 6.  Are the bags durable for prolonged use? All Campaniola’s diaper bags, backpacks and stroller bags are made out of durable and light materials with great quality. Every bag has a 5 years warranty. 7.  What bag volume is advised for the first child? After 22 years of experience in planning, designing and manufacturing bags for parents we can say that we know clearly – the optimal bag has to have a volume of at least 20 liters. A smaller bag will cause carrying more bags, and that will complicate getting out of the house. 8.  Does Campaniola have smaller bags? Of course. Even though the recommended volume is 20 liters, Campaniola also has 15 and 7 liters volume bags. 9.  Where can I see the bags? We merchandise our bags in a big number of stores all over the country, and we would be happy if you’ll contact us and tell us your living area so we could send you a list of stores that are nearby. 10. Do you have more products, besides designed furniture and bags? Campaniola is a company that specializes in prestigious quality products for parents and infants. We have baby carriers, blankets and linens, changing pads in unique sizes, baby bumper pads, linen bags and a long list of quality accessories that help and calm you when you’re taking care of your baby.