Campaniola was founded in 1992. It’s a dynamic and experienced company, which specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing prestigious and quality products to parents and their children. The meaning of the name ‘Campaniola’ is a country woman. In the beginning, Campaniola was a studio that specialized in designing quality products for the home and the family. In 1994, the company started to focus on prestigious and quality products to parents, infants and children. In the last 15 years Campaniola operated in a number of areas:

  1. Bags – Diaper bags (stroller bags and backpacks) and family bags.
  2. Designing furniture for infant rooms.
  3. Quality textile and fabric products for infants and children.
  4. Baby carriers.
  5. Importing and representing companies – representing leading companies in the world that specializes in prestigious products to parents and infants.

All the company’s products are in very high quality and are made from unique technologic All the products are designed to give the parent a comfortable environment that enables him to treat his infant with sooth and care.

Campaniola Backpacks and Stroller Bags – Key Features and Benefits

External Appearance

  1. A big variety of fashionable color combinations.
  2. The bag’s appearance is sporty and elegant.
  3. The unique MinMax sewing that enables reducing the bag’s volume when he is empty.

Physical and Technological Features

  1. The bag’s fabric is unique and is characterized with lightness and durability.
  2. The sewing of the bag is made with particularly strong threads that are also used in sails.
  3. The zippers have high durability.
  4. Each bag has a 5 year warranty.

Functional Abilities:

  1. The bag has a very wide opening that enables quick access to the entire bag’s storage.
  2. The bag can stand up even when he is empty. This way, it’s easier to add and remove objects (especially the ‘Big’ and ‘Giliola’ models).
  3. The cells arrangement is functional and optimal for the parents.
  4. The bag can contain 4 baby bottles or two 1.5 liter bottles – by choice (the ‘Big’ and ‘Giliola’ models). The ‘Basic’ model can contain 2 bottles – one in each side.
  5. In the ‘Big’, ‘Giliola’ and ‘Basic’ models, the bag comes with a diaper pack that contains a diaper wallet and a quality changing pad.
  6. In the ‘Big’ and ‘Giliola’ models the volume is 21 liters, in the ‘Basic’ model the volume is 15 liters, and in the ‘Little Big’ the volume is 7 liters.

Stroller and Back Carrying Abilities

  1. The back is padded and adapted to a long and easy carrying.
  2. The straps are padded with a thick and comfortable padding, as well as a unique sewing the enables a prolonged carrying.
  3. The straps are sewed in an angle that is optimal for the right weight the back should carry, and has a firm hold.
  4. There is an easy and quick option to change the straps’ length.
  5. There are two ways to attach the bag to the stroller, which enables attachment to any stroller.

** The bags can be washed in a washing machine with 30% squeeze (you must pay attention to the laundry orders). Campaniola’s factory store is in ‘Elram Center’, 96 Ahuza street, Ra’anana. For your convenience, you can call before you come and we will guide you to a comfortable parking. Opening hours: days Monday to Friday between 10:00 to 14:00 Thebags can be orders online with free shipment. The Campaniola staff.